Insurance for First Time Drivers

First Time Driver Car Insurance is the leader in providing insurance services to first-time drivers and their parents. In order to allow you to compare policies from the convenience of your home computer, we have teamed up with many of our nation’s leading auto insurance companies:

  • Progressive
  • Allstate
  • And Many More…!

Securing the Lowest Rates Possible

We do our very best to help you secure the lowest rates possible. However, there are several ways in which teens and their parents can save money on insurance for first time drivers.
Students should…

  • Maintain a 3.0 Minimum GPA
  • Enroll in Drivers’ Education Courses
  • Drive Safely and Within Speed Limits
  • Avoid Texting and Phone Calls While Driving
  • Take Traffic School to Have Citations Expunged

Parents should…

  • Be a Model of Safe Driving
  • Encourage Teen Academics
  • Steer Teen Away from Sports Cars
  • Add Teen To a New or Existing Joint Policy
  • Speak to Agent Regarding Further Discounts